Coin Lavigne

Case overview

We had to start the website reconstruction process from the beginning. Initially, the website was only available in one language. Although basic email and Google tools were set up, we needed to incorporate and configure more comprehensive and advanced tools.

The entire graphic aspect required a complete overhaul, and we aimed to minimize the expenses associated with advertising campaigns. Additionally, there was a lack of organic search engine optimization (SEO) for the website.

How it all began...

During a visit to the Coin Lavigne Outfitter in September 2014, we had an opportunity to discuss the owner’s web infrastructure.

We mutually agreed on a phased development approach to ensure a structured project execution, building trust and establishing a long-term business partnership.

The continuous growth of the Outfitter over the past nine years is a testament to our successful collaboration, with consistent progress made on the web. We have continuously enhanced and expanded the outfitter’s infrastructure to meet evolving needs.

Conclusively, we have successfully maintained performance standards and ensured customer loyalty for the business owner.

Our Approach

We adopted a systematic and organized methodology by defining a clear set of steps before commencing the project execution.

During the Phase 1, the process involved collecting relevant textual content, importing and reformatting images, adjusting the website structure, and initiating the integration phase.

During the Phase 2, the tasks included restructuring email systems, adding and configuring Google tools, implementing organic and structural SEO strategies, and collecting analytics data.

During the Phase 3, the actions involved were optimizing organic SEO, translating the website into English, optimizing AdWords campains by refining the keyword list, creating a mass mailing account then send promotions in order to stimulate our market.

Coin Lavigne - Chalet
Coin Lavigne - Pêche
Coin Lavigne - Chasse

The Results

The results spoke for themselves… By the midst of the 2015 season, bookings for spring 2016 were nearly fully booked. This led the owner to construct three new cottages at the outfitter.

The 2015 season proved to be highly prosperous and paved the way for winter activities such as ice fishing. There was a notable increase in the number of snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts exploring the trails in the area.

Furthermore, it created opportunities for additional projects for the owner.


Increase of new users


Increase of sessions per year


Page views on first year