Take advantage of services, tools and the Google Suite. They are offered and designed to better manage your business, communicate with your customers and / or collaborators, share your documents securely and more.

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Gmail, Calendar, Drive

Stay connected with your employees

Communication and planning are key elements for successful business.

What we offer you here are the basic Google tools, essential to the development of your business. A quick way to do this is to consolidate your activities under one roof using proven tools. They are flexible and already available for free in the market.

Gmail is the flexible and secure email address system;
Google Agenda vous permet de planifier vos rencontres ou évèmenents importants;
Google Drive is a virtual space where you can save and share with whoever you want, information and documents relevant to it.

My Business, Maps

Be visible on the web

We help you make better use of the web tools available on the market by adequately presenting your business on Google.
Your presence is also displayed on interactive maps which provide directions to get there.
Il faut que ceux qui vous cherchent sur Internet puissent aisément vous trouver en effectuant une recherche par mots-clé.
Present your commercial and regional focus, your type of business, your products or services ...

“Google Mon Entreprise” vous permet d’afficher les informations pertinentes de votre entreprise sur les résultats locaux de Google et par ricocochet, Google Map indiquera votre localisation et les directions à suivre sur son système de cartographie en ligne.

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Follow the wave of opportunity

Google Trend allows us to understand its market in order to adjust with it.
We offer here a statistics service, based on web searches carried out by Internet users. This allows us to analyze market trends for better profitability on a local to global scale.

The system analyzes past data and then extrapolates the values to present its forecast. This is also part of our SEO program.


To manage the growth of your business

For small, medium or larger businesses, the concept remains the same. Communication, planning and information security will always remain key elements for successful business success.

The G-Suite includes the same services shown on this page but inside a CRM to better serve businesses. CRM and additional applications will perfectly meet all your medium and large business needs, while respecting requirements and budgets.


AdWords and AdSense

For occasional visibility

AdWords is Google's advertising network that allows you to display ads or banner ads based on keywords searched by Internet users or on their browsing behavior.
Ads can be targeted over time and within a set budget to increase your ROI which translates into "Return on Investment".

AdWords displays your specific ads or banner ads;
AdSense uses websites or YouTube videos as the medium for its ads.


Indispensable tool

Google Analytics is a free statistical service that tracks the behavior of web audiences. You can thus gather the available and essential information that will allow you to make informed decisions in order to maximize your presence on the web.
No matter where you are with your web marketing process, we can help you better understand the issues in order to increase the profitability of your business.

Google Analytics will provide you with all the information that will allow you to properly analyze your market.


Google offers a variety of services to everyone so that every business can showcase itself on the web and capture its rightful market share. Understanding how to link these services and configure them according to your needs can sometimes be particular.
Let us guide you to maximize the profitability of your business.

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