Frequently Asked Questions

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General info

What payment methods do we offer?
  • Bank transfer;
  • Check;
  • PayPal;
  • Credit card;
  • Bitcoin.
Are our web projects modular?
The types of projects we offer are modular in their entirety. Our concept ensures that we can divide projects into phases with a view to developing them over time according to needs, budget, your requirements or those of the market. We define them together.

In addition, if necessary, the nature and flexibility of our concept means that we can switch or replace the different phases according to the immediate needs of the company in the face of a constantly changing market. In other words, it is possible to modify the elements of the initial project, adding, removing or exchanging services even if the work is already undertaken.

What is a search engine?
A search engine is a Web application which allows an Internet user to find, among other things, desired resources such as: Web pages, forum articles, files, images, videos etc. which are associated with any words or series of words.

The most famous search engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Safari, Ask…

How do search engines work?
Search engines are equipped with "robots", also called "bots", "spiders", "crawlers" or "agents", which crawl websites at regular intervals and automatically, that is to say, without human intervention, to discover new addresses, also called “URLs”.

These robots follow the hypertext links which connect the pages between them, whether it is in the same site or elsewhere.

Each identified page is then indexed in a database which is then accessible by Internet users, from a keyword research on search engines.

Why use Google services?
The most powerful search tool on the web is Google. It evolves and adapts to new virtual realities over the months.

By using the various services of Google, you help your business to present itself better on the Web and, by the same token, to be better displayed at the top of the results list in searches carried out by Internet users.

Whether with a "My Company" account, a Google Map, with AdWords publications and others. This signals to Google the seriousness of your efforts to present your business on the Web.

Every little detail ensures that you are at the top of the list or seated in the car at the back of the train.

Your call !

SEO - Advertising campaigns

What is the meaning of SEO?
SEO est un acronyme tiré de l’anglais pour: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is also synonymous with natural referencing, organic referencing or even website optimization. SEO is defined as a method of improving the visibility of websites on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Why perform SEO?
SEO creates a major impact when indexing sites in the search engine results list. This unambiguously increases a company's visibility on the Web as well as its profitability as long as the content of its site is of high quality and of interest to the users.
How to choose an SEO expert?
When looking for a qualified SEO consulting company, make sure they can show you their expertise with examples and results.

She must be able to present you with a development plan, meet your business needs and respect your budget. It must be transparent in its working method, involve you throughout the progress of your project and involve you in the decision-making process.

Its SEO experts should also be able to popularize technical issues, always seek out new ideas and be able to keep up with trends.

Is SEO sufficient on its own for good visibility?
Not really ! However, there are a few options to get there. Some solutions are more expensive than others.
Why use advertising campaigns?
When a business fails to position its website in the top search engine results naturally, consider using advertising campaigns.

Companies that want to advertise themselves under a popular keyword, will have to comply with the laws of supply and demand and pay for each "click" exerted by Internet users.

Campaigns are an alternative tool to SEO that offers 24/7 visibility when done well.


Can I modify my site myself?
Today's technology makes it easy for any business to control their virtual environment. You still have to have the right tool and a minimum of knowledge and resourcefulness to do it.

Even though embedding content in a website is similar to creating a document in a word processor, the fact remains that a programmer is essential to perform the installation and configuration of the Content Manager beforehand. its use. It is also called, CMS, derived from the English for: "Content Management System".

A short training is recommended in order to properly use the tool and to refine the virtual presentation of your company.

How important are social networks?
Today, the importance of social networks is no longer to be questioned. These play an important role when it comes to visibility and communication strategy for companies.

There is a phenomenal amount of social media. The best known are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest.

The concept of the social network is to share, among other things, information, images, text, videos, a service etc. which members / friends can comment on to give their opinions or advice.

In addition, the fact of using social networks correctly allows to work on its popularity, but also the referencing of a site on the search engines, since the indices of shares of the elements deposited on social networks help to improve the ranking of the site. 'a web page in Google results.

NB: You have to know how to target the right social network according to the targeted users otherwise the publication efforts may not bring the expected results. Each social network has its usefulness, its target, its followers and its way of communicating.

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